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Welcome to E-Cat Inquiry and Input.

Welcome to the DLA Logistics Information Services E-Cat Website. From here you may inquire the status of cataloging requests that have been previously submitted or submit a new cataloging request. Use the links on the menu to the left to access these options. These options are only available to authorized users. To register for access to E-Cat, click on the "Register New User" link at the left. The options available are inquiry and/or update access.


Some of the more common data elements you may search by are NIIN, Part Number, DCN/PCC/DOR/ISN (includes PCCN and PLISN).

Maintenance Input (Update to existing National Stock Number (NSN)

Authorized users may submit maintenance requests for NSNs.

Miscellaneous Options Available

Reinstate cancelled NSNs, Cancel an NSN, and different types of collaboration.

New NSN Request (NSN Assignment)

Authorized users may submit cataloging requests for new NSNs.

Mass Load

Authorized users may submit multiple requests for new NSNs, Maintenance actions, and cancellations via spreadsheets.

For links and help, see the menu to the left.

During an outage or maintenance, emergency requests should be submitted through the Customer Interaction Center.

If further assistance is necessary, please contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

DSN: 661-7766
Comm: 1-269-961-7766
Toll Free: 1-877-352-2255
Email: dlacontactcenter@dla.mil